Best countries for solo female travelers

One of the first things to help us get on track for travelling alone is our travel destination. Where on Earth do we go? We aren’t picky, but we do have specific needs like safety, easily accessible transportation, comfortable clean and safe accommodation and great people. Luckily for us, previous solo adventurers have given us the low down on which countries they believe are the best for us. So here are the top destinations you can pick that will give you a lovely and enjoyable adventure on your next trip.

1. Australia


A personal favourite of mine! This is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world; Australia is a great travel destination for solo female travellers. The crime rate in Australia is low, and people are welcoming and friendly. They have great accommodations for backpackers, easy public transport systems, easily accessible supermarkets and restaurants and are no stranger to women travelling on their own. Melbourne and Sydney are the main city hubs, but along the coastline of literally most of Australia, you will find some amazing beach destinations.

2. Nueva Zelanda


Just a shortish hop over the water, we have the beautiful country of New Zealand. Listed as the 2nd safest place in the world, it is a stunning place to visit as a solo traveller. New Zealand is much smaller than Australia but is also clean, easily accessible and overall a good place to travel by yourself. With the southern Alps running right through the southern islands, your hiking dreams will come true here, although in New Zealand they call it ‘tramping’. You can also snowboard down sand dunes, visit world famous wineries, watch some rugby games and hopefully see ancient Maori war dance called the Haka. Speaking of Maori culture, don’t be afraid if you see some very large men with tattoos on their arms and faces. This is all just a part of their beautiful culture!

3. Canada

Known as the nicest country in the world and the 6th safest country, Canada can be a unique experience for female travellers and from my own experience, is a very comfortable country to travel in. The great thing about Canada is you have a choice between Summer and Winter. Spend the Summer by the lake ‘cottaging’ and joining a real true Canadian summer tradition or jump on the mountains for some skiing during the Winter. Just get ready for everyone to hold doors open for you, people saying sorry (or better yet, soory) and people wanting to help you with whatever you need. It truly is one of the nicest countries to visit. You have plenty of great destinations like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba to choose from.

4. Japan


Japan would be a unique place you could visit on your travels and is one of the safest feeling travel destinations, according to the general consensus online. With its unique culture, insane technology and incredible food, you honestly cannot go wrong in the 9th safest country in the world. Japan is incredibly efficient so transport is not an issue and some main cities even have women-only hotels for extra comfort. It’s a country where you don’t have to worry about pickpocketing or walking alone at night.

5. Iceland


Last but defiantly not least, Iceland. On literally every single list of solo female travellers best and safest places to visit. I am officially jealous of anyone who has ever been there. Iceland would actually be a great first timers destination as it is listed as the safest country in the world. Crime is almost non-existent, with only 131 people in their prison system, and English is widely spoken throughout. You can hire a car yourself or take a tour around the beautiful landscape this country has to offer.

There are plenty of destinations all over the world for us to go and discover. You could easily find the perfect country suitable for your wants and needs that will be safe, accommodating and won’t make you feel insecure about travelling alone. We hope you have enjoyed our break down of the safest countries for solo female travellers to visit and as always, safe travelling!

Let us know if you have visited any of these countries and what you thought about them, or, if you are heading to any of these destinations soon!

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