The classic leggings and flats outfit


With the rising popularity of leggings that doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, also grows the need to find cool ways to wear them for any type of occasion.  We just love to wear leggings any time of the year, but it seems like hotter days don’t really give us a chance to do that. But luckily for you there are leggings with these amazing shoes that can make you look ultra feminine if you wear them correctly.

Keep reading and discover some leggings and flats outfit ideas for several occasions.

The classic leggings and flats outfit


This is the outfit that inspired it all: Everyone remembers a beautiful, classy and a little tomboy-ish Audrey Hepburn sporting a pair of tight trousers with a pair of ballet flats. In times when skirts were the ultimate piece of fashion, she made masculine pieces look like the most girly girl of all times. If you’re ever doubting how to wear leggings and flats just copy her style: a minimalistic design for your shoes, your favorite pair of leggings and a well- fitting sweater will do the job.

Short leggings and flats

Here’s a cool tip to make your outfit instantly look more put together: choose a pair of leggings that are not super long, they can be mid calf length or they can barely reach your ankles. This will make you look slimmer, especially since you’ll pair them with flats. Shorter leggings and flats can work for casual, daytime outfits because you’ll have freedom to move and feel super fresh even on the hottest days under the sun.

Dresses over leggings and flats

Just because leggings are a piece that belongs to the “pants” category (despite what many people think) doesn’t mean you only have to wear them with shirts. Dresses over leggings, apart from being a trend that was born in the 80’s and we love, are super comfortable. And isn’t comfort the main point of leggings? The secret is to choose a cute, flowy and feminine dress and then a fun pair of leggings and flats. You’ll be wearing a fun outfit with the same freedom to move and sit as you want.

Dressy leggings and flats for work

Let’s face it, not every woman was born to wear high heels, not even if the situation requires it. Nowadays it’s more and more common to wear a nice pair of flats to work and look formal while being comfortable walking around all day in the office. The main thing when wearing leggings and flats to work doesn’t rely much on the leggings, it’s actually all about the accessories. Choose a nice and fancy blouse and always rely on necklaces, earrings, a beautiful bag and a nice hair do.

There you go! Leggings and flats can become your best friends in these hot months where you want to stay fresh but don’t turn to old, light clothes. Try them all and find out which one is your favorite.

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