Leggings and boots for cold weather

Winter time is the absolute best time for girls to rock the winning leggings and boots combination. And even if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t enjoy cold weather you should know there’s nothing better to keep you warm than these 2 items that must never be missing in your wardrobe.


If you reached that time where leggings and boots will be all you wear but you have no idea how to do that, keep reading and check out some outfit ideas below.

Ankle boots and leggings

It’s always tricky business when it comes to leggings and boots that barely reach your ankles. Many women are insecure to use ankle boots because they’re an awkward length that might make you look shorter if you don’t use them correctly. When it comes to pairing them with leggings, the best way to go is make sure there is ½” of skin showing between your leggings and your booties. This way you’ll look stylish and give the effect of slimmer legs.

Leggings and boots for formal events

Even though at winter time you don’t feel like going out on the streets, the truth is life keeps going and there are tons of formal events during cold months, including of course the holiday season. If you have a party or reunion but you’re just too cold to wear a dress, you can easily pair leggings and boots and still look formal. Make sure they are high heel boots and preferably in leather or suede.

Comfy Uggs and leggings

When the temperature drops and it’s officially sweater season, you just want to run to your closet and take out your favorite and cozy pair of Uggs. If you love to wear them every single day of winter season, you must know the perfect match is your pair of leggings. Leggings and boots that are designed exclusively for comfort make the best cold weather outfits, you can pair them with sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and big puffy coats.

Leggings and boots for riding

One of the most classic leggings and boots outfit ideas is to hop on the rider style. Riding boots were originally meant only for (you guessed right) riders; but since fashion is all about experimenting, girls found out how comfortable and stylish they are. Pair your leggings with riding boots and a nice shirt, or even a maxi sweater in light knit.

Military vibes: leggings and combat boots

For the girls who have a whole look put together and are not willing to risk it only because of cold weather, combat boots come to the rescue. Pairing leggings and boots with military details will instantly make you look more dressed. If you’re the rocker style you can pair them with a leather jacket or an oversized, distressed denim jacket to keep you warm.

So know you know 5 different ways to use leggings and boots, give all of them a try or choose the one you liked the most and notice how you can look stylish even in the coldest time of the year.

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