Leggings outfit ideas to look casual

Everybody knows leggings are a strong force of fashion whether it’s winter or summer. They are a piece so adaptable to your environment and your body, and so versatile that you can wear them with basically anything.


But since that doesn’t stop you from looking confused at the clothes in your wardrobe wondering what to wear, we took the time to gather some leggings outfit ideas to look casual and like you didn’t have a panic attack 10 minutes before you were out the door.

Leggings with denim

Maybe you’re thinking there’s no way to mix leggings and denim when you’re actually running away from your pair of jeans. That was kind of the whole point of wearing this comfy piece, right? But the truth is denim and leggings can the the best of friends if you’re looking for leggings outfit ideas. You can wear them with an oversized, light denim shirt and pair them with a pair of flats, and for colder days you can throw on your favorite denim jacket. It’ll look effortless and chic.

The unexpected combo: Leggings with crop tops

It’s funny how in fashion something can be a huge NO-NO and a few seasons later it becomes the latest trend everyone is eager to try. The very same thing happens with leggings and crop tops; when the boom started it was a big rule to never wear tops that dropped before your hips, and now one of the most versatile leggings outfit ideas is to pair your leggings with a tight, sexy crop top.

Leggings with sweaters

One of the main reasons us girl turn to leggings is because of the crazy comfort they give us. Maybe you’re having a bloated day, or you just really don’t feel like rocking a tight, exposing outfit; whichever is the case they’ll do the work just fine. And if you’re all about being comfy from head to toe some good leggings outfit ideas include a deliciously soft sweater. Think of the chunkiest, warmest sweater you have to enjoy your winter, or if it’s not cold yet you can also turn to a lightweight, flowy sweater.

Leggings and heels

Ahh! There’s never enough leggings outfit ideas for the gals who just love to be in heels everyday (yes, they do exist). No matter what some people say, you can look sexy AND professional wearing leggings if you choose the right complements, and heels are definitely the way to go. But there are ways to do this right, and there are certain rules you need to follow. Remember to pick shoes with a very slim heel, and try to avoid platforms because you’ll end up looking a little bit trashy. Also, keeping in mind the recommendation we gave earlier on crop tops and leggings, use them cautiously to look classy and sexy instead of… you know.


As you see, creating casual outfits with leggings doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Try out some of our suggestions and rock your look!

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