Solo Female Travel: A life changing journey.

Travelling has become the world’s trend and with social media giving us inspiration, the scoop on where to go and what to do, there really isn’t any way we can go wrong with a little adventure. Each year new places appear for us to discover, but what happens when we venture into the world on our own?

Women are on a revolutionary path, but that doesn’t make us immune to the burdens of travelling by ourselves. We have so many more things we have to keep our eyes out for and the thought of watching our step along every path we take can be quite a daunting thought for something that is supposed to be so fun.With risk comes reward and travelling alone can be the most empowering, eye-opening, overwhelming, emotional and one of the greatest self-growth experiences we can have. For the risky part, there are ways we can get around it, and if we are well prepared, we can make sure our lonesome adventure becomes the greatest stories we tell our grandkids.

Overcome the fear of travelling alone as a woman.

There are many challenges when it comes to travelling alone. Some challenges can be overcome with organizing and trusting your gut. However, in hindsight, these things I am referring to could happen right outside your front doorstep too. We can take small precautions to help us do our best to not be in these situations, but sometimes we can’t avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One thing I can say without fail is that 99% of the people in this amazing world possess so much love and care for one another and that is the reason why we travel. 

So, firstly, don’t be discouraged by the lack of support from your friends or family. As much as the world is travelling and showing us amazing images from everywhere, the world is also being misrepresented. Instead of worrying yourself over what others – who haven’t had the experience – are saying, research and reach out to other sources and people who have had the experience before. You are bound to learn a heck of a lot more which will allow for you to prepare yourself (especially mentally) for what lies ahead.

Secondly, travelling is very much going into an unfamiliar situation, analyzing it, understanding it and deciding whether or not it is something you should or shouldn’t do. As I gained more experience, it became easier for me to assess new situations which helped me grow as a person all while taking these skills back into my normal life.

4 Things to consider to plan your solo adventure.

For myself, the main points are:

1. Where to go

There are so many online publications sharing the inside scoop on where solo female travellers will feel more comfortable. For first timers, go for these countries. They will be easier to navigate, more accepting of women travelling alone and will most likely make your whole experience a little easier. Places like Australia are perfect!

2. Knowing a country before entering

Knowing where you’re going to travel is one thing, but understanding cultural differences and the layout of the land can help you have an easier experience travelling on your own.Cultural differences I feel are a big one we need to acknowledge as women. There are many countries all over the world that have certain appropriations and find it disrespectful when women wear clothing that we would normally wear every day. For instance, running around in Abu Dhabi in short, shorts will get you a lot of negative attention. In India, a little cleavage and stomach are okay, but covering your legs is seen as more respectful. In Dubai, you can lie on the beach in a bikini but must put clothes back on as soon as you leave. At the end of the day, these aren’t up for discussion. You just follow the rules and go on with your day.As for knowing the land, there are certain areas in every country that you shouldn’t enter due to violence or unforeseen circumstances. You have places in Mexico which are seen as the most dangerous cities but Cancun is one of the biggest holiday destinations, get my drift? Make sure you have a full understanding of what areas you can easily go to and which areas you should avoid. Remember, don’t listen to all negative media, do your research and ALWAYS follow your gut.

3. Organization

You may always go to a country and have a hotel, transport and food completely covered in the past, but sometimes travelling is just winging the situation and hoping for the best. When I say organization, I mean knowing how much hotels cost in the area and what form of transport is best for you and your budget. Forum boards plastered all over the internet can really help you get some up-to-date background information on what the area you are visiting is going to be like. This will help you get the upper hand in situations where people are trying to take advantage and in turn, can help with your overall confidence.

4. Learn to say NO

My biggest tip for women is having the ability to say ‘NO’ and raising your voice when you need to.Saying no seems like a silly one, but I have been around so many people that get sucked in because they feel ‘bad’ saying no. You will always have the ability to say no if you don’t want anything or don’t want to take someone’s offer, just like you would in your normal life. If responding politely and trying to walk away isn’t working, slightly changing your approach by possibly raising your voice will always make them back down. In most countries, tourism is a major economic presence and the last thing they want to do is cause negative attention to themselves or their business. I’m not talking about going crazy, but having your back covered if something gets a little too out of control. If you don’t have thick skin now, you will by the end of your travels.

Solo Female Traveler is Life Changing

I truly believe that the more we normalize something, the more the world gets used to the fact that it’s happening and therefore people’s minds are forced to change. A solo female traveler is one of those things. It will be challenging, exhausting and confusing at times, but it will be one of the best experiences of your life and one I would say to just go for. Do your own research and have confidence in yourself. You got this girl!

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