The 5 reasons that show the importance of female empowerment

We know that female empowerment is important, but why is that? In a society that is facing more and more challenges, women can be powerful agents of change and improvement for themselves, for their families, and for society as a whole. Here are five reasons why female empowerment matters so much.

1. Exploring untapped potential

Throughout most of history, women have been barred from a variety of fields. They were not able to make art freely, to participate in the different sciences, or be politicians and movers. Today, they are becoming a bigger part of all of these fields, and this means that the untapped potential is finally being explored. Women who are empowered are able to advance their chosen professions and improve society in different active ways, providing a new perspective and bringing their own unique skills and talents to the table.

2. Creating social change

As women become more involved in different social systems, they can revolutionize these. When women become politicians, they help create social change in favor of equality and tolerance. When they become artists, they amplify their voices and the voices of others to make problems known.  Women create social change while they become empowered, improving society as a result.

3. Improving family life

While the advocates of so-called traditional family values say that female empowerment is hurting the family, the reality is quite the opposite. When women become empowered, the family benefits. First, women are able to contribute more to the household and bring their own experiences and knowledge to their parenting (if they choose to become mothers). Secondly, empowered women are less likely to tolerate violence or abuse and are better equipped to handle it if it occurs. They don’t have to tolerate it or allow their children to be mistreated because they have more tools to leave or change the situation. Thirdly, empowered mothers can educate empowered daughters and sons who are more respectful of equality.

4. Reducing suffering

Women bear the brunt of much suffering in the world. They often are faced with the most extreme poverty, are the victims of violence, and face many obstacles and much pain due to gender discrimination. Empowering women helps reduce the suffering that exists in the world by helping them deal with these situations and reducing how culturally acceptable they are, leading to lower rates of violence.

5. Create sustainability

Women do a lot of the work in society but are often not recognized for it. Their share of the labor is made invisible, and this means that a big chunk of what needs to be done and what gets done is not made public. In turn, this makes sustainable development harder to achieve. Women represent about a half of the world population, and when they are ignored or limited, society as a whole suffers for it. Creating a better world means recognizing everyone and their contributions.

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Alina is a psychologist and writer who believes in empowering people through psychoeducation. She currently resides in Mexico City and is pursuing a variety of projects.

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